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About Stacy


Born and raised in Toronto Stacy was drawn to creative and visual pursuits early on. After graduating from Hamilton College in Western New York, Stacy studied at the International Academy of Design in Toronto. Upon completion of design school she set her sights on recreating the glossy magazine interiors she had coveted as a child.

There was no better place than House & Home Magazine. For eight years Stacy worked as a Design Editor at Canada's most famous publication solidifying her love of design and ability to create timeless, liveable spaces.

In 2010 Stacy left House & Home to take on her most difficult, yet fulfilling project to date: being a mother to her daughter and twin boys who were just 15 months apart. In between diaper changes, and singing cirlces Stacy freelanced on various projects with Toronto design firm Feasby & Bleeks.

In 2012 Stacy returned to the magazine business, this time Style at Home. She used her experience as editor, mother and freelance designer to help elevate the pages of Style at Home to new heights.

In 2016 Stacy formed Stacy Begg Design. With a mandate of helping people create beautiful, intelligent, and functional spaces.  Drop her a note or give her a call. You'll be amazed at what you'll be able to create together.